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IPC was established in 1995, under the name International Auditor and Training Certification Association (IATCA). To adapt to the market need for certification of professionals in a variety of categories, the role and name was changed in Chicago 2003 to International Personnel Certification Association, IPC. IPC’s main activity is to develop certification schemes for professionals. Although the focus of IPC is personnel certification, recognition of training providers and training courses are also part of our activities.
IPC’s objective is to promote the interests of certification bodies and serve the needs of the society for competence of professionals. IPC is also a "Scheme owner", which means that IPC develops and owns Certification Schemes (Normative Documents). These schemes are specifying rules and frame requirements for competence, on which the certification body may elaborate.
IPC is not a certification body. All activities associated with examination and certification is executed by members of the IPC Multilateral Agreement (MLA). 
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