Vision, mission and values

To be the prime provider of personnel certification schemes and achieve recognition of IPC brand certificates worldwide. 

To provide recognition to individuals who, having demonstrated competence to IPC approved schemes, can improve the performance of organizations. IPC develops certification schemes to provide recognition for personnel in a range of fields and disciplines; the implementation of those certification schemes through its member bodies; and the evaluation of scheme implementation through accreditation to ISO17024 and IPC criteria in order to establish confidence in the equivalence of IPC certifications. IPC also evaluates training providers and training courses, and recognize courses fulfilling the requirements of IPC certification schemes. 

•    Transparent: Be open to our members regarding IPC proceedings including minutes from Annual General Meeting and Board of Directors meetings
•    Informative: Provide information and news to our members and interested parties regarding personnel certification on our web-site and the magazine “IPC in Touch”
•    Including: Create an “IPC family” with our members, sharing knowledge and acting like a team
•    Competent: Elect Directors and administration that are competent within certification and areas of proficiency certified, and attract new competent certification bodies as our members.
•    Brave: Have an offensive market approach, profiling IPC certification
•    Ambitious: Utilize our competence to achieve international recognition
•    Reliable: We shall abide with own rules and be predictable in our operation. We shall operate in a truthful manner.
•    Fair: We shall treat all members and applicants for certification in a fairly manner and safeguard against partiality.

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