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IPC-PL-11-006        IPC Certification Scheme "IPC Management System Auditors", Issue No. 7.05 Application Date: March 1, 2020
                                Updated by IPC MS/TC: October 28, 2019 Endorsed by IPC BoD:October 29, 2019,
                                (This IPC scheme has been endorsed as a  sub-scope for  Certification of Persons in the IAF MLA Scope)

IPC-PL-14-04          IPC Certification Scheme of Management System Managers, Issue Date  05/11/2020

IPC-PL-14-05          Common Requirements for IPC Certification schemes, Issue Date  29/09/2015 

IPC-BD-05-007        Specification for the Development of Examinations as Part of a Certification Scheme for MS Auditors, Issue Date 25/05/12

IPC-BD-07-003.1     Asset Managers Specification, Issue Date  23/07/2007

IPC-ML-10-005        IPC Criteria for Certification of Quality Management System Consultant, Issue Date  01/11/2004

IPC-SC-11-002        Specification on Recognition of Training Courses and Training Providers, Issue date  24/12/2019

IPC-SC-06-013        Specification on Training as Part of Personnel Certification Requirements, Issue date 25/11/2011

IPC-BD-20-001        IPC Specification on Performing Online Examinations, Issue date 04/07/2020

IPC-BD-21-01          IPC Examination Validation Guide for Personnel Certification Bodies, Issue date 01/04/2021

Benefit of the IPC certificate 

One of the main benefits of becoming an IPC MLA member is the right to issue certificates under the IPC logo. IPC certificates are based on Certification Schemes developed by experts in member organizations, and are internationally recognized.

IPC certificates are valuable to persons working abroad to document their competence. It is also an asset for the accredited personnel certification body issuing the certificates, to be an IPC MLA signatory, and it may increase the certification volume.

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