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Annual meetings are hosted by a different Member of IPC each year. This enables IPC to be showcased in different parts of the world. Planning is normally aimed at determining the location of meetings at least two years in advance. The current planning is shown below:

23rd IPC Plenary and AGM that will be held in Seoul, South Korea on October 26, 2019. Regarding with Meeting agenda please contact with IPC secretariat by secretary@ipcaweb.org

History of Plenary meetings

  • 12th IPC Plenary and AGM  London, UK on 14th March 2007
  • 13th IPC Plenary and AGM  Rome, Italy on 25th September 2009
  • 14th IPC Plenary and AGM  Izmir, Turkey on  28th October 2010
  • 15th IPC Plenary and AGM  Wien, Austria on 25th October 2011
  • 16th IPC Plenary and AGM  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on 14th October 2012
  • 17th IPC Plenary and AGM  Nafplio, Greece on 21st April 2013
  • 18th IPC Plenary and AGM  Beijing, China on 17th October 2014
  • 19th IPC Plenary and AGM  Los Angeles, California on 23rd October 2015
  • 20th IPC Plenary and AGM  Aegina Island, Greece on 3rd October 2016 
  • 21st IPC Plenary and AGM  Montreal, Canada on 26th October 2017
  • 22st IPC Plenary and AGM  Singapore on 27th October 2018

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