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Benefit of the IPC certificate

One of the main benefits of becoming an IPC MLA member IPC MLA member is the right to issue certificates under the IPC logo. IPC certificates are based on Certification Schemes developed by experts in member organizations, and are internationally recognized.

IPC certificates are valuable to persons working abroad to document their competence. It is also an asset for the accredited personnel certification body issuing the certificates, to be an IPC MLA signatory, and it may increase the certification volume.

Document Code
IPC-PL-11-006, IPC-PL-11-006
IPC-PL-14-04, IPC-PL-14-04
IPC-PL-14-05, IPC-PL-14-05
IPC-BD-05-007, IPC-BD-05-007
IPC-BD-07-003.1, IPC-BD-07-003.1
IPC-BD-20-001, IPC-BD-20-001
IPC-BD-21-01, IPC-BD-21-01
IPC-BD-22-05, IPC-BD-22-05
IPC-ML-10-005, IPC-ML-10-005
IPC-SC-11-002, IPC-SC-11-002
IPC-SC-06-013, IPC-SC-06-013

New scheme open for public comment:

Document Code
IPC-PL-22-04, IPC-PL-22-04

Template for comments for IPC VVB Verifier-Validator
(For your comments, please download the form, fill, and send it back to secretary@ipcaweb.org email address.)